Reinventing Mom’s Wedding Dress!

I can hardly wait to post this blog!  I have been waiting for Dawn to send me pictures of her mother’s dress is its original form, and I cannot wait to share them!  I’m not sure if you remember Dawn & Josh’s beautifully dreamy wedding on June 19, 2010, so be sure to check out their wedding in our archives!  This is one of my favorite stories from over the past few years!  Dawn wore the same beautiful dress that Peggy (Dawn’s mother) wore when Peggy married Mike (Dawn’s father), 26 years prior!  Not many brides can say that!  Not only was it special, but it was PERFECT for their ceremony on Carillon Beach.  The only changes were made to the sleeves and bodice of the gown, but everything else stayed in place.  I can’t imagine how sentimental it must have been for Peggy and Mike to see their daughter in the same dress.  She was gorgeous!

{Peggy’s Wedding Gown Circa 1984}


The original wedding dress!!


Don’t you just love these old, photos?! Peggy was gorgeous!

Here is Dawn trying on her mother’s old gown… You will be able to tell that she kept the original lace when they reworked the bodice for her.

The train had the perfect flow on the beach!

{Dawn’s Wedding Gown Circa 2010}

An absolutely priceless image of Peggy helping Dawn into her gown!


It had the same phenomenal flow, 26 years later!


I think it’s safe to say that Mike and Josh both loved the ladies in this dress. I know we did!

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Thank you, Dawn and Peggy, for sharing your wonderful pictures and memories!