Quite Pinteresting!!

As most of you ladies out there know, Pinterest, is one of the best ways for brides to gather all of her wedding ideas into one place!  It’s our favorite way to really connect with what our brides love and what inspires them!  One of THE coolest Facebook posts I received, was from a dear friend who was sucked in by Pinterest (which is SO easy to do), stalked this phenomenal dress, then stumbled upon a picture of me from Paul Johnson’s blog!?  I felt a little honored to be linked to this world-wide-web of Pinterest.  I even know exactly which phenomenal dress she was referring to {See Kim & Chris – how could you NOT remember that dress?!}!

With all of this being said, we have had an influx of brides who have seen The Knot’s Pick from Angela & Brian’s wedding favors:


Thank you, Vue Photography, for the original image!

After the traffic and the questions, we decided to post exactly how to make these little beauties.  Thanks, Angela for all of your help and details!

1. Search for 3x3x3 clear, plastic boxes. Angela found hers here!

2. We recommend printing out cute, personalized 3×3 ‘thank you’ notes to place inside each box. Getting coordinating ribbon also adds a great touch to the boxes!

3. Purchase enough graham crackers (2 whole crackers – halved), chocolate (2 Hershey bar halves) and 4 large marshmallows for each box.

4. Call in your girlfriends to help you assemble these over a bottle (or 2) of wine!  Angela’s boxes housed enough goodies for 2 s’mores in each box!

5. Put the boxes together first.

6. Stack 2 Graham cracker halves on the bottom, two Hershey bar halves, 4 marshmallows, then 2 more Graham cracker halves.

7. Place the note inside, or tie them to the ribbons.

8. Embelish the box with your pretty ribbon…

9. and… Voilà!  Yummy DIY creations!

We recommend doing these only a few days before the wedding, because if it’s anything like Florida, the humidity could turn the crackers into mush!  Have these cuties on a dessert table, on your sign-in table or next to your fire pit at your wedding!  If you haven’t seen Angela & Brian’s full wedding, please check out our blog {here}, and VUE Photography’s blog {here}.  The magazines LOVED their wedding!  You can see her beautiful cake {Confections on the Coast} featured ALL OVER The Knot, and featured in Weddings Unveiled!  I hope you liked this little info, and hopefully I will see this blog flying around Pinterest!?

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