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What should I budget for a wedding in Carillon Beach with Carillon Weddings®?

This is a loaded question with many variables to consider such as your style, taste, décor, and vendor choices. When it comes to the property, our venue rental prices vary by location and the size of the wedding. In general, pricing starts at $3,200 for our beach venue. The additional costs of an event in Carillon Beach will require the help of your planner’s assistance when compiling all of your other vendors’ products and services.

What do these costs include?

Costs for an event with Carillon Weddings® include benefits related to the venues rented. A few examples are parking in the downtown lot, venue maintenance, Meeting House chairs, the option to add ($) an insured beach transport for handicapped/elderly to the ceremony, relocation of beach service chairs & umbrellas for your event set-up, golf cart transportation of the bride to the ceremony and sunset pictures, guard gate list management, communication to the Inn about your event and map and concierge services throughout your planning.

On average, what should I budget for a full-service (hiring all professionals) event along the coast?

Although it’s your planner’s job to help you with the budgeting questions, based on the past years of featured/published events, an average 100-guest wedding generally starts at $60k. This estimated cost includes venues, planning, rentals, food, beverage, entertainment, photography, officiant, and florals/décor.

This cost does not likely include wedding invitations and other printed material, bridal wear and accessories, travel, hotel and home rental accommodations, rehearsal dinners, bridal luncheons, hair and makeup services, guest transfers and security. However, as a local expert in the industry, your planner will be happy to refer you to some of our favorite vendors for these services.

What are the requirements to have my wedding with Carillon Weddings®?

Brides who wish to get married on Carillon Beach are required to hire a professional and local wedding planner who is as invested in our local businesses as much as he/she is invested in you and your wedding day. A list of luxury wedding planners will be provided for you.

You are also required to hire an off-duty Bay County deputy (on average, $150) for your event. The venue coordinator will handle this for you, and will include the fee in your total venue fees. There is also a requirement to pay for an on-site day-of venue manager ($250) to help make sure everything runs smoothly the day of your event. This is someone who is well-versed in the power, sprinklers, the community/neighbors, guard gate, and parking issues on the property.

What makes Carillon Beach an ideal choice over, say, Rosemary Beach (3 miles west of us)?

Carillon Beach is a quaint community that offers privacy and security with 24-hour guarded gate access into the community. The community is situated on almost a mile of beachfront property with plenty of space for guests and homeowners to spread along the beach.

There are also no vendor-paid lists you have to choose from for your event. We trust your planner to recommend competent professionals who will not pose a danger or a negative impact on your event.

Although it’s very convenient to stay in Carillon Beach, we do not require you to have a certain amount of home rentals to host your event with us.

Located in Bay County, Carillon Beach also benefits from the Beach Renourishment Program, which helps to rebuild the beautiful sugar-sand beaches after any storm surges or erosion.

I’ve seen another website for Carillon Beach and a wedding company called Carillon Beach Weddings. Is this the same company?

No. While the names are similar, we are not affiliated in any way. Carillon Weddings® is an independent company founded in 2004 by homeowner Victoria Volpone, and currently owned by Avis Glenister. Our service offerings are not comparable.  As of 2020, the downtown wedding company is no longer booking events.

Will there be another wedding in the area on the same day as mine?

It is possible that another event at one of the other Carillon Beach venues may occur on the same day as yours. However, we plan for all our weddings to have maximum privacy as a courtesy for both brides and their families.

The homes in Carillon Beach are so beautiful! Can I book a wedding in a private home?

Carillon Weddings® coordinates weddings at the main Carillon Beach venues, not the private homes. While we have worked with homeowners to coordinate weddings, expressed permission from the homeowner is required. That being said, most homeowners know us and are generally more inclined to agree to your event if they know we have been contracted to look out for their best interest. You may book a planner for this event.

Please note that it is against community policy to get married on the beach in front a rental home unless you are the homeowner. You would be required to rent the beach walkover venue.

I’d love to have a beach bonfire as part of my wedding weekend. What are the requirements for this?

Carillon Beach allows our wedding guests to apply for a bonfire permit.  Once approved, there is a fee to execute a bonfire on the beach. Please talk with your venue coordinator about options for setup and rentals for a bonfire in Carillon Beach.

Do you have a preferred vendor list and do I have to use your list?

While we don’t have a preferred vendor list, we do have a list of vendors that recommend as tried, true, and consistent in their service. You are not required to use the vendors on this list, but it’s our goal to help you simplify your wedding planning by using vendors we’ve worked with in the past. We won’t recommend anyone who we don’t think is up to the task.

Because we’ve been doing this so long, we’ve had the opportunity to work with the majority of vendors in our area. From photography to catering to officiants, we have a list of vendors that we’re happy to share, but your event planner is the best resource for vendor recommendations! She/he/they will be able to make recommendations based on your priorities, budget, and style. Of course, there are vendors we at Carillon Weddings® recommend based on their familiarity and history with our venues on property.  They are aware of not only the property rules but also the best-kept secrets around Carillon Beach!

Is there a wedding planner included with this property?

No, although we require a planner, we do not include planning services.  You will be provided with a list of wonderful local planners to service your event.

Can I bring an outside wedding planner on board?

Absolutely! At Carillon Weddings®, we manage the location; we don’t serve as wedding planners. The Carillon Beach community requires that all weddings we book to be organized by a wedding planner who works directly with us. We love to work with them, too! Your wedding planner can utilize us for any questions they might have, helping you feel more comfortable about the planning process. But even with a wedding planner involved, we will still be on-site the day of your wedding to make sure that everything runs flawlessly!

Are there other expenses I should plan for when booking my wedding at Carillon Beach?

Yes. Carillon Beach requires that each event hire an off-duty Bay County Deputy (on average, $150) to act as security for your event. Carillon Weddings® will arrange this for you and pay the officer directly to take this detail off your hands.

In addition, if yours is a beach wedding and a guest requires disabled assistance onto the beach, we can arrange ($50-75) for the insured Carillon Beach Institute staff member to help get your loved one to the ceremony.

You may also take into account a $500 damage deposit, which will be returned to you within 30 days after your event.

I live out of town. Can you hold my wedding date until I am able to visit?

The homeowner’s association requires a deposit of half the total venue fees to hold your date. You may pay by bank transfer, cash apps, or by check. Check is our preferred payment, as it saves everyone from unnecessary fees.

Contact: celebrate@carillonweddings.com