Caitlin & Ryan {March Wedding at Seacrest Beach}

This Canadian couple will hold a special place in our heart after their Seacrest wedding! We certainly felt like part of the family after making a couple quick hospital visits to Caitlin’s mother. After everything this family had been through, while vacationing here mind you, their wedding went off without a snag! Held at the Reunion House, their unique reception location was the perfect fit for these two. Their families were able to stay in the 9 bedroom house (yes, nine!), which was quite convenient for the little ones!

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 1

With Jamie Gummere as her makeup artist and Vivo Hair Salon as her stylist, Caitlin looked absolutely stunning!

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 2

We may have had a slight obsession with her dress and Badgley Mischka shoes!

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 4

The decor from Events by Nouveau was the perfect setting for this Seacrest wedding! Rustic pots with bunches of baby’s breath complemented the canopy altar! This couple also had a little audience of on-lookers that cheered for them during their first kiss!

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 5

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 6

We think Ryan did a *fantastic* job with Caitlin’s ring! How could you not say “yes” to that?!

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 8  Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 9

They are just absolutely precious!

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 11       Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 15

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 16

Princess Leia and Darth Vader were the “cake” toppers! Instead of a traditional wedding cake, the two picked out donuts! Townsend catering also made chocolate dipped fruit as a little snack. The chocolate grapes were to die for!

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 17

The seafood bar was a hit complete with crab legs, shrimp, and raw oysters! Grab some food, grab a beer, and don’t forget to grab one of their customized koozies!

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 18

Caitlin and Ryan at Carillon Beach 21

They HAD to end the night their “Canadian Anthem,” a song by Spirit of the West, and they all went… bananas. Of course they had to clue us into what was going on and tried to drag us onto the dance floor! We stuck by the heater on this chilly night, but couldn’t have asked for a more fun group to coordinate a wedding for!

Avis & John {Carillon Beach Meeting House Ceremony & Inlet Beach Reception}

I chose to have my ceremony at the Meeting House at Carillon Beach.  I know what you’re thinking: “Weren’t you sick of having weddings in the Meeting House all the time?!”  I would be lying if I said that these thoughts hadn’t crossed my mind, but at the end of the day it was exactly the feel that John and I wanted on our wedding day.  It was quaint, it felt like a chapel and it comfortably fit my 70-ish closest friends and family.  As for the reception, we chose to have our reception at the Pavilion in Grande Pointe (Inlet Beach).  This offered a lovely indoor-outdoor reception that was close to Carillon and would accomodate our group if the weather was chilly in December.  Thankfully, the weather was perfect for inside dining and outside dancing!  Although it’s weird to see myself in pictures on our blog, enjoy a glimpse inside a wedding planner’s wedding!

First, I thought I’d start with an image from our engagement session with Paul & Mecheal Johnson. John’s prized possession, his boat, was the focus of our day out on the water together!

Wedding time…


A little inside joke between me and John ;). Plus, those were some amazing shoes that the bridesmaids chose! We chose to keep the colors at the ceremony very neutral and timeless.


The lovely Carillon Beach 🙂 Thanks for the fabulous images from Wesley Leytham and the VUE Chicks! The image on the right was even published in “Coastal Weddings Fall 2011” Magazine!


My groom.


My sweet dad and I as we walked through the Promenade. We chose to have a 5pm ceremony, knowing that the entire ceremony would be after sunset. This created a very romantic, candle-lit feel (but it gave my photographers a little challenge)!


We chose to have our mothers light the first candles in the Meeting House, then they took their flames and had everyone in the congregation light their own candles. Of course, Victoria was there to help ‘fluff my dress’ at the entrance. Her husband, Perry, was right there the whole time. He had to do my traditional job of bringing the bride and bridesmaids to the ceremony location on time. Thanks, Perry! By the time my dad and I walked up to the Meeting House, the lights inside were dimmed and everyone’s candles were glowing. It was beautiful.


I love the image of my grandma’s hands, holding her candle. I kept reminding my dad to smile! 🙂 I think he was worried about tripping and trying not to cry.


Wesley Leytham caught this magical image of our first kiss from behind the Meeting House. I just love it!

awww 🙂


Perfect little details. I wanted a very romantic reception with golds, blushes, creams, muaves and deep shades of coral.


Grande Pointe was completely transformed with lavish fabric hung from the rafters that touched the floor. The crystal beading and giant plume feathers added a glamourous touch. Do any of you girls recognize those chandeliers?! Those are our signature office chandeliers. I just loved them!


John is an investigator for the Walton County Sheriff’s office. Two of his groomsmen were fellow deputies who decided to pull a little prank on him. A damage waiver was signed (i.e. for the rollling and shaving cream on his car that we would find later that evening), but then they informed him that the “incident” took place in Bay County… Out of their jourisdiction. Ha! It made for a humorous evening.


This is the story of our boating experiences together. Rhonda’s {Confections on the Coast} groom’s cake portrayed us very well!


I gave free reign to Rhonda in the design of my cake. She knows that I tend to like the girly cakes, and she went from there… I thought her work with the sugar flowers was just amazing! This was also the debut of my custom-requested flavor of cake: chocolate-hazelnut! DELICIOUS! One of my other favorite parts of my wedding was our coffee/hot chocolate and dessert bar! We had every liqueur possible to add to the hot chocolate and coffee… Frangelico, Godiva, Bailey’s, Peppermint Schnapps, Disaronno and Grand Marnier. YUM! It was the perfect cool-weather treat for our guests!


Victoria put paper lanterns with battery-candles all along the path inside Grande Pointe. It was beautiful!


I spared you all of our silly dancing pictures, but thought you might enjoy our ‘send-off’! Some of the deputies in attendance called the on-duty deputy to handcuff and escort us out of the building. Needless to say, it was a fun ending to a perfect night! I will be forever grateful to our top-notch vendors. I can tell you that I would not have chosen anyone else to make our wedding day so memorable! xoxo

Venues & Coordination: Carillon Beach Meeting House (exclusive to Carillon Weddings)
Reception: Grande Pointe Pavilion at Inlet Beach
Photography: Genya & Wesleyann {VUE Photography}; see my wedding blogged here! Wesley Leytham {Rae Leytham Photography & ShootShed}
Engagement Session: Paul & Mecheal Johnson {Paul Johnson Photography}; see this session blogged here!
Cinematography: Joanna & Robert Banks-Morgan {Diva Productions}
Floral/Event Design: Christina Springfield of Events by Nouveau Flowers
Catering:  Townsend Catering
Cake:  Rhonda Joodi of Confections on the Coast
Reception Music: DJ Paul of GTS Entertainment
Dress: The Bridal Loft, Pensacola
Makeup: Renee Armour {Two Fishes Artistry} & Elisa Rowland {Mary Kay Consultant}

Not that you need another reason to order a photo booth… but I would just like to give a shout out to some of my favorite wedding moment “capturers” in the area! You are all so wonderful and I’m glad you could be a part of our wedding! It’s fun to see these professionals out and dressed to play! Thanks for the memories! {Paul, Mecheal, Wesleyann, Genya, Wesley, Joanna & Robert}