Essentials for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have a special charm and imagination to them. They can be so simple, yet elegant. Having the ocean just steps away while saying your vows can be magical. Your feet are in the sand and the beautiful tropical weather makes for an especially memorable day. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your beach wedding!

With all the planning going on, sunglasses may slip your mind. If your beach wedding is happening during a perfectly, sunny day then these are a must for your guests. It’s a great idea to remind your guests in the invitation so they don’t forget. The sun can reflect off the ocean and create a glare so it’s good to be prepared. Your guests don’t want to be uncomfortable even if the ceremony is only 20 minutes. When taking photographs, remember to take off the sunglasses for some of them. You don’t want your memories of this day to be ruined by not being able to see anyone’s faces!

Wedding Ring
Again this may seem like common sense, but there is a lot to plan. The wedding ring is an important part to the ceremony because it embodies your relationship with one another and your lifelong commitment. You can go for a ring, inspired by the beach that has intricate swirls like the waves. This little reminder will always make you think of your beautiful wedding day. Jewelers, like Blue Nile, have many unique wedding bands to signify your special day forever. Also on a beach, don’t have the ring bearer use a pillow! Find an elegant ring box so your wedding ring can’t get lost in the sand.

Two Dresses for the Bride
The sand at the beach can ruin the wedding dress so it might be a good idea to have two! One for the beach and one is for the reception. You won’t have to worry about the dress during the ceremony or photo so you can enjoy your wedding. For the beach, find a dress that is light and breezy so compliment your beachy wedding. A train will get dragged down by sand and get caught up in the ocean waves. For the reception dress, think about how much mobility you’ll need while dancing and greeting all your guests.

Paper Fans
These will be essential for those day time weddings because it can get hot even with the ocean breeze. Keeping your guests and yourself comfortable is important for your special day. Paper fans can double as an itinerary for the ceremony or the whole day. Plus your guests can use them at the outdoor reception! This is a great little wedding favor idea that is useful to your guests. A personalized fan with the itinerary on one side and couple information on the other makes for great photos!

Beach Toys… for the Kids!
If kids are coming to the ceremony, this is a great way to keep them occupied. Create a playing area that is separate from the ceremony with beach toys for them to play! They can make sand castles and draw in the sand. This is a great way to make them feel included while also eliminating distractions at the wedding. And if the reception is right on the beach then they can continue playing!